Call the Department of Justice using the above verbiage or personalize it. Please share the graphic on your social media and within your networks.

"My name is x and I live/work in Hillsborough County, Florida. I am calling because I am deeply concerned about the transphobic treatment of transgender individuals by Sheriff Chad Chronister and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. In November 2020, the Sheriff's Office put transgender woman Jenny DeLeon in a violent chokehold, despite chokeholds being against their own rules. They tazed her and also used transphobic comments toward her. All of this was recorded on a body camera and published widely in the media. In addition, media reports have shown the department has a history of mistreatment of transgender inmates in the county jails. Finally, I'm concerned because the Sheriff's Office has been conducting 1960's anti-gay stings, basically entrapping gay and bisexual men into unnecessary sex stings. I'd like the Department of Justice to investigate all of these things to make sure transgender and queer residents are not treated poorly. Thank you for your consideration."

Demand DOJ Investigate Anti-LGBT Sheriff

We know the Department of Justice is part of the system and that it won't bring us all the solutions we need. However, historically, using the Department of Justice as a strategy to shine light on bad behavior by police departments can at least help with civil investigations and creates a public record of conduct and our dissent.

On November 27, 2020, the Sheriff’s Office responded to an alleged domestic disturbance. Jenny DeLeon, a transgender Latina woman, faced brutalization, including a banned chokehold as a result. She also experienced tazing and transphobic comments. This is not the first incident of transphobic violence reported to happen at the hands of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. There have also been reports of homophobia happening at the hands of Sheriff Chronister, on top of his department's continued violence against the Black and brown community, in general. It’s time for the Sheriff to be investigated.

While we did not know Jenny, we are a queer-led organization and we know, love and are in community with many transgender, gay and queer people. If we sit silent, they’ll continue this violence.



Other anti-gay and anti-trans incidents by the Sheriff:



It is time for the Department of Justice to Investigate.


(use your own messaging if possible)

“Hello, my name is --- and I’m concerned about the ongoing transphobia and homophobia reported in the media about the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office actions towards transgender, gay and queer people. On November 27th, 2020, Jenny DeLeon was choked, tazed and anti-trans statements were made toward her. This body camera footage has been made public in the media and it is brutal. According to the Sheriff’s own policies, the chokehold was against the rules. I believe this was a case of excessive force motivated by anti-trans biases. Please investigate this situation, here is a copy of an article from Huffington Post: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jenny-deleon-florida-hillsborough-county-sheriff-choking_n_634ee621e4b0e376dc114d95

Our dissent must be on the record. Please send an email to the Sheriff's Office. You can do so by clicking the link or you can generate an email on your own. Feel free to use your own messaging and if you've experienced transphobia or homophobia by the Sheriff's Office personally, please feel free to include your own story, if you feel safe doing so.

Email the Hillsborough County Sheriff and express your concerns about these acts of violence: cchronis@hcso.tampa.fl.us; agranit@teamhcso.com


“Hello, my name is --- and I live in Hillsborough. I am deeply concerned about the Sheriff’s Offices pattern of abuse toward transgender, queer and gay people, especially to those of color. Media reports have found a trend of violence and I demand the Sheriff start taking this seriously. Individuals who cause harm to LGBTQ people, or anyone else, should not be in positions of power. On November 27, 2020, Jenny DeLeon was wrongfully brutalized--with a chokehold that is against your own rules. On top of that, as media reports have shown, the Sheriff’s Office engages in discriminatory practices toward transgender people who are in jail and also organizes stings that “just happen” to target gay men. This is unacceptable. The Sheriff must take swift action to stop this violence and HCSO Officer Bush should be terminated. See the attached links:




Pride started as a resistance, involving leadership by Black and brown transgender sex workers, as well as several drag queens, gay men, lesbians and other queer patrons at Stonewall. The resistance was specifically a challenge to police brutality. Police brutality has not ended: Black and brown people of all orientations and identities face abuse and even fatal violence at the hands of police. All transgender, queer, gay and lesbian people of all backgrounds are also likely to face abuse in jails ran by the Sheriff's Office. We must ask Tampa Pride to reconsider their relationship with the Sheriff's Office in light of these facts and demand they not allow the Sheriff's Office to march in Pride.

SEND EMAIL TO: c.west@tampapride.org

“My name is --- and I do not believe the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office or Sheriff Chronister should be allowed to march at Pride parades. Pride was formed after an act of rebellion against police brutality in 1969 at Stonewall, with many transgender people of color, lesbians, gay men, and other queer people fighting against brutality. Unfortunately, while the raids may be long gone, police brutality still happens. In the past 3 years alone, Sheriff Chronister’s office has been involved in brutal acts against transgender, gay and queer people. It is an insult to allow them at Pride. This is only what we know and doesn’t account for what is hidden.Please consider this, and think about the community.

On Nov 27th, 2020, the police brutalized a transgender Latina.

In 2020, they brutalized multiple transgender inmates.

In addition, they also resurrected the age-old “bag a f*g” techniques and created stings to intentionally harm gay men.

Please respond back your commitment to end your relationship with HCSO at Pride.