The restorative justice process guides are based on four years of researching various restorative justice and community accountability processes. Restorative justice processes are not one size fits all. Restorative justice processes are not quick and easy, they can take months (and sometimes years) of labor. They are often difficult, emotional, and sometimes painful. Throughout all of this, however, the ultimate hope is restoration and healing, as well as accountability, for all who so are willing. Restorative justice processes do not promise repair of relationships, forgiveness, or reconciliation. For legal purposes, it is important you understand that the Restorative Justice Coalition nor its members' take any legal liability for any physical, social, legal or other injury you or others may face as a result of utilizing our process recommendations. We do not guarantee outcomes. Nothing in any document or consultation constitutes legal advice, medical advice, or mental health/psychological advice and we have not consulted professionals in the creation of these guides.

The process recommendations we have provided are not recommended for cases of sexual violence or intimate partner violence. These process recommendations are written and designed for organizations of 10 or more. For smaller groups, or individualized harms/conflicts, healing circles may be a more appropriate tool.

Myths of Restorative Justice Presentation

Please see common myths about restorative justice. This slide show is open to be shared on your website and social media. If you'd like to consult further about these myths, or if you'd like us to come to your next community meeting to discuss these myths, send us a message at We request a $50 donation (if possible) to speak at your meeting up to one hour on this subject.

Myths About Restorative Justice.pptx

Foundations of Restorative Justice (For Organizations)

This was designed as three-part workshop for organizations. If you are starting a new organization or reforming an existing organization, you should consider the techniques provided in this series. You certainly need not feel obligated to utilize every tip, idea or process we propose, simply take what works for your organization and leave out what does not. We have Restorative Justice Foundations Learner's Workbook, Restorative Justice Foundations Facilitation/Consultation Guide, and Foundations of an RJ Process slide show. Please note these are grassroots workbook and have not been formally copy edited for grammar or typos.

Restorative Justice Foundations Learner's Workbook (for Organizations)

What is in this workbook? (127 pages for learners/49 pages for facilitators)

I. Let's Get to Know You

II. Restorative Justice Mythbusting

III. Restorative Justice Principles

IV. Equality and Equity

V. Punishments vs Consequences

VI. Restorative Origins

VII. Book of Agreements

VIII. RJ Process: Setting the Stage

IX. RJ Process: The Identification Stage

X. RJ Process: The Facilitation Stage

XI. RJ Process: The Moving Forward Stage

Workbook can be:

  1. Self-facilitated by your group or organization

  2. Consulted with one or more RJC leader and up to 3 leaders of your organization via Zoom (Unless otherwise stated, consultation involves three 70 minute sessions with RJC and your group leadership. The recommended model will involve your group reviewing the material and coming to the consultation with thoughts/questions.)

  3. Facilitated via three-series workshop

Workshop One: PART I: Setting the Foundation (4 hrs 15 minutes)
Workshop Two:
PART II: Planning for Success (4 hrs 15 minutes)
Workshop Three:
PART III: Working Through Your Process (4 hrs 15 minutes)

TOTAL TIME: 12 hours & 45 minutes

Restorative Justice Foundations Facilitation/Consultation Workbook (for Organizations)

DIGITAL PDF OF WORKBOOK COST: $200.00 for the first one and $25 each for thereafter (we send you the workbook as a PDF editable document.)


*Workbook costs are applicable to the learner's workbook and facilitator's workbook.*

CONSULTATION OF WORKBOOK: $300.00 (includes three 70-minute consultations) Does not include the cost of the workbook.

FACILITATION OF WORKSHOP: $300 per learner (covers all three workshops and the workbook per each learner) Minimum of 5 learners, to conduct online or physical in a space provided by your organization, or a free space, or an event space at your expense.

**Rates are negotiable for Black and Indigenous led organizations, gay, queer, transgender led organizations, disability led organizations, and exceptions can be made for any organization experiencing financial difficulties that cannot reasonably fundraise the total cost at our own discretion. We may modify the costs for specific situations at our own discretion. "Led" organizations means the majority of decision-makers in the organization identify in one or more of the categories above. To complete the transaction, please send an email with your desired items to and allow up to 5 days for a response. Advanced scheduling for consultation and workshops are required, please provide at least three months notice, but the more notice, the more likely we can fulfill this request. **