The Restorative Justice Coalition is a founding member of The People's Safety Coalition. At the end of the tumultuous year of 2020, Tampa Bay Activist Network, another founding member, teamed up with RJC, The Black Collective Movement, and other member groups to start a new project: City Council Watch.

City Council Watch is a grassroots political pundit program. You see on Fox News and CNN political pundits discussing important national issues, however, you seldom see any focus on local politics. Local politics are important but frankly, it's boring and it's difficult to keep up with!

Meaggan (Tampa Bay Activist Network) and Tori (Black Collective Movement) provide sensational hosting and production. RJC is a contributing researcher and writer, along with others.

Stay tuned, subscribe and share these videos to keep up with City Council sans the boring meetings!

Watch the 2020 recap. Although it is a 45 minutes long, you must consider how much happened in our City in 2020. 45 minutes is really effective amount of time to tell this wild story.

We did make one factual error. The 17-year-old brutalized by Tampa over carrying an umbrella at a protest was not Black. We apologize for this factual error. The sad truth is because of how TPD treats Black constituents, we thought she was...but we oppose police brutality no matter who it is toward.