Transforming Conflict into Connection (Workshop Series)

From January 2021 until May 2021, the Restorative Justice Coalition collaborated with our brilliant friend, ErrDaisha Floyd. We created a workshop series titled "Transforming Conflict into Connection: Workshops for Demystifying Conflict" designed to help educate the attendees on the necessity of communicating differently, with non-violence to ourselves and others, tools for accountability, and more! We invite you to engage the workshop series as it was presented.

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Have the means to donate? The amount of time and labor put into this project should be compensated, however, we desire to make sure we are accessible. If you decide to view this workshop series on our website, please donate via Venmo to @Angel-RJC and put "Transforming Conflict" in the note line. Funds will be distributed between RJC and ErrDaisha.

Session One: Begin Your Journey to Connection: Foundation to Connection

Session Two: Communicating Compassionately: Non-Violent Communication

Session Three: From Crisis to Discovery: Conflict De-Escalation

Session Four: Creating Conditions for Accountability, Decision-Making, Feedback, and Consequences

Session Five: Looking Inward: Committing to a Lifetime of Accountability