Who are we?


The Restorative Justice Coalition is a fully grassroots movement designed to create reform to the current punitive justice system. Inspired by the Movement for Black Lives, Campaign Zero, 13th and The New Jim Crow, our work centers black, brown and indigenous communities, as well as many others, whom are are severely marginalized by our system from every aspect--police, prosecution, and prison. 


We are not here to reinvent the wheel. Rather, our goal is to utilize tools (such as Campaign Zero) to build the movement in our local areas. We are here to work to implement what is working elsewhere and build a strong, cohesive coalition of activists to continue forward.  

Meet The Team

Sadie Dean

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Angel D'Angelo

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Sydney Eastman

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Outreach Coordinator

Keren Moaney

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Emily Weisenberger 


Courtney Alexander

Courtney is a friend and a badass designer. She is our Art and Design Consultant and we think you should check out her website!

**Rest in Power**

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