Restorative Justice in Your Community

Are you planning on waiting for the state to introduce alternatives to conflict and harms? Do not hold your breath. If your organization is rooted in social justice, and truly wants to implement restorative justice values, you must put it in practice, even when it gets tough. 

Unlike the criminal justice system, restorative justice is not a one-size fits-all program. Instead, it must be tailored

to the situation at hand, and consider everything from the severity of the harms, to the power dynamics involved. 

Check out this guide below on a few of the restorative justice processes that are available, and our perspective of these processes. Our perspectives are not rules or laws, and you should feel comfortable modifying processes to meet your labor availability or your specific needs. These documents are still a work in progress, and may not be complete yet. You may use these documents as you wish, without remuneration, however, you should retain our logo and email information unedited. Our guides are subject to change at any point. 

If you have any questions or concerns about anything in the guides, please contact You may also email us if you need general guidance on restorative justice processes for every type of conflict, big or small.


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