In alignment with our mission, our platform is to turn all aspects of the criminal justice system from punitive to restorative. 

  • All citizens deserve the right to vote, even if they have been previously convicted of a crime. We will work to restore voting rights in the state of Florida and end the clearly targeted, racial voter suppression.

  • The war on drugs targets people of color and senselessly tears apart communities. We will work to end the war on drugs.

  • For-profit prison is unethical and dangerous, we will work to end the prison industrial complex.

  • Police are undertrained, biased, dangerous and oppressive. We will work to relief and reform all aspects of policing. 

  • Employment discrimination is harming returning citizens from living meaningful lives. We will work to "ban the box". 

The Restorative Justice Coalition is post-partisan in nature; meaning, we do not align with any specific existing party.


Instead, we aim to build and work with anyone, or any faction, who so desires to work towards these goals, regardless of the reason. 

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