The sad truth about state violence is it harms even the children within marginalized communities. Young black children are over-policed in schools, criminalized and even treated like adults when they should just be out there enjoying life. 

Andrew Joseph III, also known as Pee-Wee, was 14 years old when he went to the "Student Day" at the Florida State Fair. An event sponsored by the Hillsborough County School District should be a place where parents can trust it is safe. Unfortunately, Pee-Wee never made it home that night.

The fair staff along with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office racially profiled Pee-Wee, detained him, searched him and then ejected him from the fair. At no point in time had either party taken the time to call his parents. Instead, they abandoned him unsupervised near a dark busy highway--where he was tragically struck by an oncoming vehicle. Pee-Wee lost his life that night and it was the negligence of our paid pubic servants that caused it.

To this day, no one has been accountable for this gross injustice. 

Help us as we help advocate for justice for these grieving parents! Those involved need to be held accountable!

We are demanding the fairgrounds:

  • A genuine, written apology from the fairgrounds admitting fault.

  • A percentage of the proceeds from the fair to go directly to the Andrew Joseph foundation, or a case of their choice, for the next 14 years

  • A memorial placed inside the fairgrounds where the fair acknowledges the tragedy and promises to commit to reviewing and updating their safety policies every year in honor of Andrew's legacy

  • Implicit bias training, as taught by an outside service provider, to be given to every fair staff member, director, manager, supervisor and every police officer working the fairgrounds. This training should be administered annually.

How can we make this happen? We need your help!


Email Nikki Fried--as commissioner of agriculture, she is the chief responsible for the fairgrounds. Write to her and say: "Commissioner Fried, I am calling on you to issue a formal apology to the Joseph family for the tragedy that the negligence of the state fair caused. I am calling on you to implement implicit bias training and to share your profits with this grieving family for the next 14 years. It is the right thing to do!" 

WRITE TO HER: Nikki.Fried@FreshFromFlorida.com 

Email Sheriff Chronister--as the new Sheriff, he needs to hold his team, past and present accountable. Write to him and say:

"Sheriff Chronister, I am calling on you to hold your department accountable for the tragic death of Andrew Joseph III! I expect you to immediately implement annual implicit bias training provided by an outside provider and chosen by communities of color within the community. I am calling on you to require this training to be implemented annually for every police officer."


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